Binary options – silver bullet or destruction of money?

Binary options – silver bullet or destruction of money?

The binary options trading attracts many with the idea to make a simple and fast way a lot of money. However, every trader should advance to deal with this kind of trading, to assess the benefits and risks of these speculative transactions.

Deep-web-What are Binary Options?
In the binary options trading it comes to the future price performance of the underlying of the categories currencies, commodities, equities or indices. The option can be set in two ways: Firstly onlinescam, on a rising course, the other on a falling price within a predetermined time period. The trade of these binary options takes place on online platforms, which are offered by a variety of brokers.

How does the trade?
The trader has to open an option two options: He is either a call or On option, if it is assumed that the underlying rises during the time period chosen by him, or he chooses a put or depth option when a price drop of the underlying thought. The periods of trades possibility to vary widely and range from 60 seconds, and a month. If the price going in the desired direction of the Traders after completion of the option, listed his option in the money.

For this purpose, up to 5 digits after the decimal point to be considered. The profit at a rate of about 80% is credited to the trading account of the trader. If the option is on the other hand lost because the price has developed in the opposite direction, noted the option out of the money. This means for the trader that the replacement is lost. Some commercial providers already offer loss protection to prevent a total loss of the set allowance.

What is the risk involves the Binärhandel?

The large number of trading opportunities of each provider makes trading binary options attractive. Especially the 60-second commercial is very interesting, since high profits can be achieved in a very short time Since the price movements of the underlying assets but are in constant motion, the risk of loss is also high. This is limited to the executed application.

It is also important to have some background knowledge in the current political and economic developments in order to assess the trend development can and thus also to minimize the risk of loss.

Earn money with binary options?

The binary trading requires above all the responsibility of the trader. The prospect of quick profits can quickly lead to recklessness, which is reflected in losses. Therefore, should in principle be dealt with small amounts – at best no more than 5% of trade accounts balance. By prudent trading binary options can certainly be achieved and maximized with little options permanently profit.

Acting responsibly
Many providers of online platforms for action binary options offer their customers a demo account to try out different trading strategies. This advance offers the trader the opportunity to make binary options and underlyings familiar and develop your own strategy and to recognize profit or loss potential.

In addition, many free eBooks for introduction into the Binärhandel and various online seminars are offered, which educate the traders additionally. Whoever responsibly goes into the commercial market and can not be carried away with financial ventures, can the trade binary options over a longer period a profit and hold.